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Signage and Marketing

The franchise package price will include the below signage and marketing material.


bullet Main Business Sign
Consists of one large 2400mm x 1200mm x300mm sign incorporating lights for night usage.
Featuring a galvanised steel frame with outer surround case of 1.5 mm galvanised tin sheet.
Sign will be powder coated in ecars silver with white Perspex facing on both sides.

Sign will feature a large ecars logo with personalised naming and phone numbers

*sign only, pole not included, this will be at franchise owners expense.
bullet Sales, Workshop and Parts Department Signs
Consists of three signs 1200mm x 1200mm white Perspex with ecars logo and individual naming and hrs of business and ph numbers. these signs affixed direct to wall with no framing.


bullet 100 brochures per model of car (500 in total)
bullet 1000 information sheets per model of car (5000 in total)
bullet 2000 business cards
bullet 2000 window cards

*Additional marketing material can be ordered as required at a competitive rate.

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Why electric cars ?

The great thing about electric cars is they  pay back a high percentage of their initial investment in fuel and servicing savings in the first 5 years (depending on distance travelled)

We have put together some interesting information \ facts below.

> Save on Servicing Costs
> Save on Running Costs