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Servicing Petrol vs Electric

Not only is it cheaper and cleaner to run an electric vehicle, you can save serious money on servicing costs (parts and labour) and also help the environment by reducing the amount of consumable service items associated with running a petrol powered car.
Approx parts and labour cost Petrol Electric
every 80,000-100,000 kms
Engine Oil & Filter Change
every 10,000 kms
Air Filter
every 10,000 kms
Fuel Filter
every 30,000 kms
Spark Plugs
every 30,000 kms
Engine Coolant
every 40,000 kms or 2-3 years

Lets see what that looks like. For a typical 4 cylinder petrol car you can expect to use the following service items over the next 100,000 kms. Costing you time, money and impacting the environment.


Environmental Impact

Not only do these items cost you time and money, they need to be disposed of once they reached the end of their life. New Zealand currently has over 4 million vehicles registered for use on our roads (petrol, hybrid and diesel). Just imagine how many discarded service items, used engine oil and used engine coolant this results in.

Fuel Savings

In addition to saving money and time on servicing  you can save big dollars on day to day running costs

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