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Running Cost

Traveling costs are drastically reduced, even if electricity prices doubled overnight it would still be cheaper to run an eCar vs hybrid or petrol.
eCar Hybrid Car 2 Litre 4 Cylinder

per 100 kms

per 100 kms

per 100 kms
*Based on $5 per charge and minimum 160km range *Based on 6L per 100kms
and fuel cost of $2 per litre
*Based on 8L per 100kms
and fuel cost of $2 per litre

Savings - based on 15,000 kms per year

In just 5 years you can save nearly $10,000 in running costs. Possible more as Petrol prices are always increasing.

1 year 3 Years 5 Years



*Savings based on petrol price of $2 per litre and vs 2.0L 4 Cylinder car using 8L per 100km.

On top of these savings you can save even more on servicing costs.

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