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Pricing for each franchise has been calculated based on total target market size and also factoring in a premium for potential commuting market.

Franchise Region Price
Whangarei $450,000
Auckland - North $650,000
Auckland - East $650,000
Auckland - West $650,000
Auckland - South $650,000
Taupo $500,000
Hastings $500,000
New Plymouth $500,000
Palmerston North $500,000
Wellington $650,000
Nelson $450,000
Christchurch $650,000
Dunedin $450,000
Invercargill $400,000


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Why electric cars ?

The great thing about electric cars is they  pay back a high percentage of their initial investment in fuel and servicing savings in the first 5 years (depending on distance travelled)

We have put together some interesting information \ facts below.

> Save on Servicing Costs
> Save on Running Costs