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Franchise \ New Business Opportunity

This is your chance to own a retail business selling pure electric vehicles and associated charging systems. This is an upcoming and fast growing market, as commuters and business owners move towards greener and more cost effective transport.

eCars are in a prime market position with one of the largest ranges of pure electric vehicles available in NZ, with new models in development for both commuter and business market, the possibilities are endless.

If interested please contact us via our webpage
or call Chris Maru on 021 180 4815.

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What's included in the Franchise package?

bullet Exclusive rights to sell, large territory
Limited number of franchises available in NZ and AUS
ensuring you have a big market \ territory to sell in.
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bullet 20% Margin on Sales & Parts
Generous margins on sales and parts giving you freedom
to provide competitive pricing to target markets.
bullet 5 Vehicles to kick start your stock
5 electric vehicles to kick start your stock so you can start
demonstrating and selling immediately.
bullet Card operated Fast & Slow Charge System
Fully operational charging system for demonstrating the charging
network capability.
bullet Signage + Marketing Material + Website
Signage, business cards and your own high profile website
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bullet Parts & Ordering System
Access to our parts and ordering system.
bullet Computer Systems, Software & Office Furniture
All the required computer systems, software, telecommunications
and even the furniture.
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Other eCars Franchise Benefits


Backing you and  your franchise will be Clarksun Enterprises a forward thinking New Zealand company who has business ties with the Dawn brand of new electric vehicles from one of the biggest multi partnership manufacturers in China.

Future Product Lines

This franchise opportunity is not only limited to cars, but future product lines allow you to branch out to vans, scooters and even buses, there are no limits.

The supply of fast charging and slow charge piles and the option of solar charge for rural areas is also available within our network.

Multiple Target Markets

bullet Government Departments
District Councils, Regional Councils and other large government organisations
bullet Corporate
Fleet cars.
bullet Businesses
Small businesses, florists, trades, courier and delivery services & more.
bullet General Public
Commuters and environmentally conscious consumers.



Why electric cars ?

The great thing about electric cars is they  pay back a high percentage of their initial investment in fuel and servicing savings in the first 5 years (depending on distance travelled)

We have put together some interesting information \ facts below.

> Save on Servicing Costs
> Save on Running Costs